Large Bike Gear Mixed Media Mandala


Stained Glass Mosaic – Large Gear-themed Mixed Media Mandala

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This is a stained glass mixed media mosaic art piece that incorporates semi-precious stone and Czech glass beads, as well as hundreds of hand cut stained glass squares, rectangles and triangles and metal bike gears. Some viewers love the piece because they love circles, others due to a love of mandalas, and others due to their love of complex geometric design or mixed media materials.

Dimensions: Height 23 1/2″ x Length 19 3/4″ x Depth 1″
Burned brown wood frame base.

HIGHLIGHTS: multiple shades of pink, purple, orange, yellow and lime green stained glass, hand cut in 300+ square, rectangle and triangular shapes, creating a complex geometric design. More than 25+ strands of Czech glass beads have also been included in the design, as well as varies sizes of metal bike gears. The bike gears provide interesting silhouette shapes when placed in front of direct light, and they act as reflective surfaces when viewing the design as an opaque piece. Two antique stained glass rondels, as well as a dichroic fused glass cabochon have been placed as centerpieces in the three circles. Additional hematite beads, dichroic fused glass cabochons and metal components are also part of the mandala centerpieces.

Healing stone beads included in the design: amethyst, carnelian, agate, cherry quartz and hematite.

*Amethysts are a natural tranquilizer, relieving stress and strain, soothing irritability, balances mood swings, and dispelling anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Amethysts help alleviate sadness and grief, as well as helping to dissolve negativity. Amethyst can help activate spiritual awareness, open intuition and enhance psychic abilities.

*Carnelian is a stabilizing stone. It helps restore vitality and motivation, while also stimulating creativity. Carnelians can help inspire courage, promote positive life choices, dispel apathy and motivate for success. It’s also a stone that is useful for overcoming abuse of any kind, helping you in trusting yourself and your perceptions.

*Agates help to eliminate and transform negativity, while enhancing mental function, concentration, perception and analytical abilities. Agates can be soothing and calming, helping to heal inner anger/tension while creating a sense of security and safety.

*Cherry-Quartz kindles heart energy, offering the feeling of genuine loving environments. It helps diffuse strong emotions such as fear, jealousy, tension, and anger, instead replacing such emotions with serenity, calm, and peace. Chery quartz is helpful for healing emotional wounds.

*Hematite focuses energy and emotions to help balance the body, mind and spirit, dissolving negativity and preventing you from absorbing the negativity of others. Hematite promotes strength, boosting self-esteem and survivability, enhancing willpower and reliability, and imparting confidence.

DISPLAY: Because this design features translucent glass, it can be hung both transparent in a window or opaque on a wall.

*Although stained glass mosaics resemble traditional stained glass, sanded grout is used in mosaics rather than lead, to connect the glass pieces. This, then, allows the viewer to enjoy stained glass without the concern of lead exposure.

View a video of this art piece: