Stained Glass Mixed Media Emerald Valley


Stained Glass Mosaic – Mixed Media Emerald Valley

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Materials: Stained glass, Sanded grout, Grout sealant, Silicone adhesive, Diamond Glaze adhesive, Czech glass beads, Antique stained glass rondels, Repurposed cabinet door, Agate slices, Agate cabochons, Flat handblown glass bubbles

Height: 23 inches
Width: 28 inches
Depth: 2 inches

Are you a fan of both nature-themed designs and geometric/mandala designs? Do you also love stained glass and the way that it interacts with light, but you don't want lead in your home?

Then this is the PERFECT art piece for you. Particularly if you're interested in adding some healing energy components into your home, as well as adding a large piece of art that will be a visual center point for any room. The piece lights up beautifully in sunlight, creating patterns of sunlit colors, and the beads sparkle when hit by direct light.

This is a stained glass-on-glass mosaic art piece that incorporates glass and Czech glass beads along with hundreds of hand cut stained glass pieces. As an artist, I create both nature-themed designs, as well as complex geometric pattern designs. One day I decided to try mixing the two design styles together and this art piece is the result.

Dimensions: Height 23" x Length 28" x Depth 2"
Frame: repurposed wood cabinet door with glass insert

This design is a complex mixed media piece that combines hand cut stained glass, thousands of Czech glass beads and semi-precious stone cabochons. Now-retired Uroboros art glass, my favorite, was used to create the multicolor landscape, and I mixed an untold number of diverse bead shapes to create the tree foliage. There are all shapes and styles of glass beads (leaf shaped, circles, ovals, teardrops, rectangles and squares) to give the piece visual diversity, and the centers of the mandala foliage include agate slices, dragon veins and striped agate cabochons and handblown flat glass bubbles.

**Although stained glass mosaics resemble traditional stained glass, sanded grout is used in mosaics rather than lead, to connect the glass pieces. This, then, allows the viewer to enjoy stained glass without the concern of lead exposure.

View a video of this art piece: