Green Spring Tree


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In this particular design, I wanted to highlight the beauty of a colorful green spring tree. The tree trunk and branches are created with a mix of textured brown stained glass. The foliage, created in two layers of glass to give the tree added depth, is a mixture of several different sheets of hand-cut green stained glass. The sky, also layered in some places, is created from an art glass that allows shades of blue to swirl about an otherwise clear glass. This gives the piece movement. I then added some small hills to play about the tree's roots.

Dimensions: Height 21 1/2" x Width 11 1/2" x Depth 1"
Light brown/tan wood frame.

DISPLAY: Because this design features translucent glass, it can be hung both transparent in a window or opaque on a wall. However, I am installing window hanging hardware as I feel that the design looks best hung transparent in a window. The owner can, however, choose to hang it on a wall if desired.

View a video of this art piece: