I created this design in order to combine two of my favorite things: trees and geode slices. This design includes a wood frame surrounding 10+ yellow and orange geode slices adhered to a glass base. The geodes are used in place of stained glass "foliage", allowing the geodes to pop, but also allowing the beauty of the stained glass tree and sky to show as well. The design has hooks ready for hanging (I recommend hanging with chains attached to the hooks, hung from above the window).

Healing properties: Agates are a soothing and calming gemstone, helping to heal inner anger and anxiety, as well as instilling feelings of safety and security. Agates can also help enhance mental function (i.e. improve concentration, perception and analytical abilities).

Dimensions: Height 11 1/2" x Width 9 1/2" x D1"
Dark brown wood frame base.

Glass-on-glass (GOG) art is designed to be hung in a window, in direct sunlight. The stained glass in this piece is translucent, and the design is created to highlight the "dance" between light and colored glass.

*Although stained glass mosaics resemble traditional stained glass, sanded grout is used in mosaics rather than lead, to connect the glass pieces. This, then, allows the viewer to enjoy stained glass without the concern of lead exposure.

View a video of this art piece: